12 Nov 2019

Mysterious Events Surrounding Raining Reigning Dreams

This song was originally composed in 2001 and registered in 2004 yet laid dormant, remaining unrecorded until now.  The lyrics portray some of the pain the Australian farmers endure, as they face relentless ongoing drought year after year. 


In August of 2018, recording began to help raise funds for drought relief.  It was on the 26th of August, the vocal track was being recorded through the night; torrential rain fell for over ten hours and seemed to break the drought over Tewantin, near Noosa.  It was so loud and amazing. 


Weeks later the vocalist watched a documentary about the drought-stricken farmers and mapped a route to take the song.  Unexpected torrential rain, fell again for many hours. Then due to unforeseen events the production was put on hold, as the author’s mother passed away early 2019.


Unexpectedly, later in the year, the original recording ended up within the walls of a church to be finalized.   What happened next took all by surprise, rain clouds and storms only came when the musicians were laying down tracks and during mixing.

Raining Dreams cover art version 2.png

Bush fires were raging during recording.  A fire approached the home, where the original vocals were recorded, and the surrounding town started evacuating rapidly.  The wind changed at the last minute and the home still remained.


Finally, the song is now complete and available online.  All profits go to the Drought Angels charity.